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Scripta Consulting has an extensive experience in the United States to meet all the needs of individual and corporate clients of all sizes. From the planning phase to the project execution, our multicultural team with proven track record of success is able to deliver high standard services across different segments.


Immigrant Visa


Visa for professionals with outstanding skills in athletics, education, business, arts or sciences. It allows the beneficiary, spouse and children under 21 to
become permanent residents of the USA.


The EB-2 visa allows you to obtain permanent residence in the United States (Green Card). Qualifying requires a Bachelor´s degree, postgraduate degree or equivalent or an exceptional ability.

To obtain a visa in this category, a foreign citizen has the following options: to obtain a job offer and a Labor Certification approved by the US Department of Labor; or apply for a waiver of the job offer and Labor Certification if she can prove that her professional skills will be of great benefit to the United States. This second option is called the National Interest
Waiver (EB-2 NIW).


You may be eligible for this immigrant visa category if you are a skilled worker. Labor certification and a permanent full-time job offer are required.

Nonimmigrant Visas


Option for a citizen of a country that has acceded to the United States Trade and Shipping Treaty to remain on US soil as an investor to run and develop a company in which he has invested a substantial amount of capital.


Transfer of executive or manager from an affiliated offices of a foreign company to one of the same company’s US offices.


Aimed at professionals with outstanding science, arts, education, business, or athletic skills who want to work temporarily in the United States in their field.


Available to internationally recognized athletes who come to the United States temporarily to participate in a sports competition.

**The purpose of this content is only to provide information about US immigration data. The material should never be considered legal advice. Each case has its own nuances and different ways of resolution. It is advisable to consult with a qualified immigration lawyer for advice on the best immigration options,
according to each individual´s profile.


Visa Application, Visa Renewal, Form Completion, Translations, Professional Plan Development, Letters of Recommendation and Support, Curriculum Development for Immigration, Academic and Professional Purposes, Expert Opinion Letters, Media Expert Letter (EB-1A), Labor Certification Process Support, Professional Licensing Support, Interpreter Services, and Notary.

Business Development

Business Plan Preparation, Business Opening, Financial Due Diligence for Business Purchasing, Economic and Political Scenario Analysis in America, Business Consulting.


Support for housing Selection in Regions with Better Schools, Property Rental Support, Moving Logistics, Support for Choosing Health/Travel Insurance.